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Martin Strauss Technologies, Consistent Mission Backed Up with a Persistent Vision
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The mission of Martin Strauss Technologies is to enhance business productivity and efficiency by delivering businesses high quality voice, data and internet services and by exceeding expectations for customer care.
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[MST News] New Peering Providers - August 6, 2007
Martin Strauss Technologies is now peering with the new AT&T, Internap and Tiscali to provide downstream networks with unmatched performance in US, Canada and EU.

[MST News] Easy VPN Starts Here - February 14, 2007
Martin Strauss Technologies has upgraded its IP/VPN network infrastructure with redundant Juniper Netscreen 204 appliances. New technology enables downstream customers to establish Site-to-Site encrypted connections with major e-commerce transaction gateways, such as Verisign with a single click.

Learn more about Netscreen features and benefits at Juniper.com

[MST News] Load Balancing with Alteon AS - March 28, 2006
Martin Strauss Technologies completed installation and testing of its new redundant Alteon Application Switches which will be used to provide extended Layer 4-7 class load balancing services. New service will be effective in May 2006.


[MST News] Peering with AT&T SBC and Internap - January 22, 2006
Martin Strauss Technologies successfully completed the setup of peerings with two of the best performing transit providers, AT&T SBC and Internap, using AS-36463. All customers utilizing data, voice and hosting services is benefiting from this major network upgrade.

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[MST News] Connecting MDV to the Nap of the Americas - January 14, 2006
Martin Strauss Technologies is now using the new EtherJack technology from Progress Telecom to connect Miami Data Vault to the Nap of the Americas using two redundant 100Mbits ethernet ports.

[Provider News] Transparent Switching with the Covaro
Progress Telecom has purchased Etherjack technology from Covaro Networks to expand the availability of its voice grade Ethernet services. Progress Telecom will use the Covaro platform to extend its 10 Gbit/s native Ethernet backbone to every point of presence (POP) on the network using existing SONET facilities.

Etherjack technology extends the reach to new carrier facilities and enterprise locations using copper, SONET, fibre and EoDS3 transport methods while providing a consistent managed services approach.

Martin Strauss Technologies is connected to Progress Telecom metropolitan area network at 4 different locations, and all MST customers are benefiting from this service upgrade.

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