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The mission of Martin Strauss Technologies is to enhance business productivity and efficiency by delivering businesses high quality voice, data and internet services and by exceeding expectations for customer care.
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Martin Strauss Technologies is a reseller of AT&T SBC, InterNAP, Level(3), and XO. If you would like to have your own dedicated data circuit through any of these respective network providers, we can provide a range of options to suit your access needs and support all your mission-critical communications. If you would like to get a quote, please use our online information request form.

Ethernet 10/100/1000
Internet Dedicated Ethernet uses established Ethernet technology and extends it beyond the local area network (LAN) environment into a metropolitan area network. This option is the most suitable for any small-medium sized organizations.

Provides 1.544 Mbps connectivity and can be used to transmit high capacity data, email traffic, large files, or host a Web site.

Available in variable bandwidths up to 45 Mbps, optimizes the response time of a business Web site, and provides businesses the ability to conduct large data and audio file transfers, as well as regional Internet access.

Using Packet Over SONET encapsulation technology, OC-3 can provide your business greater bandwidth and flexibility. This option offers bandwidth of 155 Mbps and is ideal for a hosting large corporate Web sites with high traffic.

If you are in need for an high-speed connectivity, choose the OC-12 service. This reliable, high-speed service is ideal for Internet Service Providers, large content providers, search engines, web hosting companies, and wholesalers.

Using Packet Over SONET encapsulation technology, this option can provide your business with the ultimate bandwidth. OC-48 is ideal for any net-centric businesses focused on extremely high bandwidth applications such as Web hosting and Internet service provision and has an available bandwidth of 2488 Mbps.

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